The Pastry Consultant

Meet Florian

Born in France in 1986, I grew up in the South West region, where wine and food are traditions. It was inside my family’s kitchen that I discovered my passion for bread and pastries. Already then, as a young boy, I knew that this was what I wanted to do and that passion has never left me since.

Areas of Expertise

Menu and Recipies

Together we can create and develop your menu according to your target clients and your business’s concept. From plated desserts, boutique pastries, bread, chocolate and petits fours, the sky is the limit! The food’s costing will also be worked out according to your recommended budget but also without losing sight of your and your client’s expectations. I can also assist you in negotiating prices with your suppliers in order to make sure you are getting the best ingredients at fair prices. This in turn, will guarantee that you will be working with a margin which you are comfortable with.

Recruitment and Training

Thanks to over 10 years’ experience in leading and training pastry departments, I have built a pastry chef network both locally and overseas. This experience makes me the ideal candidate to supervise your recruitment process in order to ensure that you hire the best possible resources to constitute your pastry kitchen brigade. Once your staff is hired, I can help with their training to ensure they are capable of reaching the desired standards for your business venture to succeed.

Kitchen Design

This step is both a headache for entrepreneurs and also a very critical step in the building of any business. I am able to assist you in creating a well-equipped and functional kitchen space for your pastry and/or bakery department. I can design on scale plans to make you envisage what the space will look like and how it would be best to allocate your budget. No detail is spared; electricity and water supply points, drainage as well as all the requirements to install a good kitchen for your business will be taken into account.

Equipment and Sourcing

Throughout my experience in this line of work, I have many contacts in this industry which I have already collaborated with when creating and setting up pastry kitchens and shops locally. I can help you source the adequate equipment that will fit your kitchen, which will provide you the best service at the best price. Whether you need to source small tools or large appliances, I will ensure you will be choosing the right equipment for your business to succeed.


During the creation of your pastry laboratory, I will ensure that all the HACCP requirements and standards are being respected. Together with the support of an official HACCP partner, you will not have to worry about compliance in your day to day operation and can focus on the core of your business.

Courses and Demonstration

Whether you are on the lookout for personal courses for your pastry crew, demonstrations for your clients using particular ingredients, etc… I can be of service. I can organise sessions during which I will explain the basic techniques for dessert making as well as what goes into more elaborate creations. What the sessions entail, can be discussed in advance with you to make sure that this will be a memorable experience which everyone attending will enjoy.

What Clients Say?

Steven Cutajar - Director at Fren{s}h Bakes

Having employed Florian in 2014 and having embarked on a very challenging mission with him – that of introducing the French Patisserie in Malta, I quickly realised that I had met a very special Chef. Florian is an all-rounder and a person of trust, tough, demanding and someone who thrives in a disciplined atmosphere. A Chef that many would want to work with.
His meticulous ways of working, his high execution and presentation of products, his vast knowledge of Patisserie, as well as French Gastronomy, and his passion for delivering the best products not only helped Fre{n}sh Bakes to flourish, but also quickly placed it at the top of the list of the best bakeries in Malta. Tasting any of his amazing creations is a moment to cherish for all those that have French Patisserie at heart.
Working with him was a pleasure and a learning process which I’d gladly go through again if needs be.
Thank You Flo!

Alan Bartoli - Managing Director at C&H Bartoli Ltd.

Florian Deville is certainly one of the most professional “Pâtissier” that we have had the pleasure of doing business with.
As equipment and utensil suppliers to the trade, Florian is one of the Professionals or “Pâtissier Exceptional” who knows his pastries like few others.
C&H Bartoli have been approached by Florian on numerous projects and it was evident from the very early stages that Florian is a true professional, capable of developing, planning and designing bespoke, individual project(s) at the outset. This could only be possible due to his profound knowledge of both the equipment available as well as the exceptionally high standards he sets for the products being “produced” under his guidance.
Many of his creations are literally “Works of Art” as well as Big on Taste. In ONE word, SUPERB…

Baroness Christiane Ramsey Scicluna - Owner at Palazzo Parisio

It is with great pleasure that I write about a young man who I have had the privilege to know for over 10 years. Florian Deville came to work for me as a head pastry chef many years ago and I very quickly saw his passion and skill shine through. I offered Florian a chance to come to help me set up a French style patisserie here in Malta, which he bravely accepted. That was when he left his home in France to take up my challenge. Working diligently to develop and build the pastry department for my company, he shared my love of all things sweet and delicious. He is always innovative and brings a real flare for both the traditional and modern patisserie. Florian is a gentleman with an iron will, which he uses to great effect to succeed and deliver a consistently high standard in all his business ventures. He is a dedicated professional who excels in his chosen field, producing sublime pastries and desserts to tempt and delight the palate. I am very proud to have watched him grow not only personally but also professionally, from his early years with me at Palazzo Parisio to his current very successful business collaboration with Le Grenier à Pain. I am delighted to be able to say that today, after many years, we have a wonderful rapport and I regularly turn to him for advice and expertise.

Gabriel Caruana - Executive Sous Chef at AX Privilege

I have known Florian for these past 10years. We met at a 5 star hotel, where his drive and love for whatever he does inspired me, since we became close friends. He takes a lot of care, full commitment and gives his all to whatever projects he is working on. Apart from being a great chef, he has a heart of gold and he is always ready to share his knowledge. He is a true definition of a leader and I truly wish him all the success in his future and endeavours. I sincerely thank him for all he has done that in some way or another has shaped me to be a better chef.

Ramon Muscat - Culinary Director at Radisson Blu St Julians

Florian worked with me between September 2015 and March 2017 in the pastry team, initially as a tournant and then he was promoted to assistant pastry chef. From day one I noticed that this man has finesse. When working in such a big hotel it is not easy for one to leave their mark, but Florian managed to do exactly this and more. He succeeded in instilling a sense of French cuisine during his period with us through the meticulous work he created both individually, as well as when working with the team. Working with Florian was an experience, he turned out to be a role model for his colleagues and also for our customers. His skills produced elegance and perfection while the tastes he created provided an experience for both patrons and colleagues alike.

Charles Azzopardi - General Manager at The Phoenicia

Florian joined Phoenicia as head pastry chef preparing for the reopening after an 18 month renovation closure. During the pre-opening, he helped with the design of the pastry kitchen, setting new standards, recruitment and training of all his team. This while creating new menus for all outlets and banqueting. Florian’s professionalism and attention to detail paid dividends once the hotel reopened with glowing reviews for our pastries.

Daniel Falzon - Human Resources Director, CampbellGray Hotels

Florian is an absolute star Pastry Chef and for a French Pastry Chef to choose Malta as his home is quite unique. With the long-awaited reopening and repositioning of The Phoenicia in 2017, we had the opportunity to have Florian with us to take the Pastry experience to a different level – his Îles Flottantes and the Millefeuille were simply sublime. Florian is on the eternal quest for perfection in what he does and he works tirelessly for the ultimate guilty-less pleasure his pastries and cakes offer. Having had the pleasure to work with him on separate private commissions, I cannot recommend him enough for making the finest of French pastries so easily accessible to everyone – try keeping your hands off his Choc Framboises!

Ivan Zammit - Director, HACCP by Zammit

I have known Florian Deville for the few years managing the pastry of one of Malta’s leading 5 star hotels and lately leading the team of a new Pastry and Bakery concept in Malta.. I have seen a lot of artistic and mouth watering works that were produced and created by Florian. Lately, I had the pleasure to work with Florian on a Food Management System for a new pastry and bakery concept in Malta and I must say that he not only was involved in the implementation of the system, but he was also appointed as the HACCP team leader where he does a great job to manage the HACCP team. While managing and working in the pastry and baking departments, apart from producing his state of the art products, Florian gives priority to food safety and high levels of hygiene standards. He also monitors and controls the food system from receipt up to delivery or selling of the pastry and bakery products produced from the outlets. I always look forward to work hand in hand with a professional person such as Florian in any food related areas.